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Bien-Aime "Well-Loved"

Bien-Aime Collection's "Well-Loved" candle is a testament to the brand's journey and the heartfelt story behind its creation. Established in 2020 by Roseline, the brand emerged during a challenging time marked by uncertainty and personal struggles. Faced with the pandemic's impact and her father's battle with cancer, Roseline found solace in candle-making, which eventually led to the birth of Bien-Aime Collection.


As Roseline delved deeper into the craft, she discovered the artistry involved in every aspect of candle production, from selecting materials and equipment to packaging and considering their environmental impact. This newfound passion, combined with the positive feedback she received from friends and family, sparked the realization of the business potential.


Teaming up with her twin sister, Roselaine, Bien-Aime Collection officially launched in January 2021. Their vision was to create a brand that exuded sophistication, elegance, and chicness.


The hand-poured candles they offer are made from 100% soy, ensuring a clean and toxin-free experience. Additionally, they prioritize using renewable sources in their production process, demonstrating their commitment to sustainability.


Throughout the journey, Roselaine played a crucial role in guiding Roseline, utilizing her expertise in branding to shape the identity of Bien-Aime Collection. Although their beloved father passed away in August 2021 and only witnessed the brand's inception, his memory continues to inspire and fuel their passion for creating and sharing their candles with the world.


The "Well-Loved" candle, encapsulating the essence of this heartfelt journey, symbolizes the resilience, love, and dedication that drove Roseline and Roselaine to create something beautiful out of challenging circumstances. It serves as a reminder of the transformative power of pursuing one's passions, finding solace in creativity, and honoring the memory of loved ones through meaningful endeavors.

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