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Our Story

Bien-Aime "Well-Loved"

Bien-Aime Collection was established in 2020, during a challenging period when the founder, Roseline, was grappling with the uncertainty of being furloughed around the pandemic and her father's deteriorating health due to cancer. Candle-making became a source of comfort for her, ultimately leading to her brand creation. As she learned more about the craft, Roseline became increasingly fascinated by the artistry behind it, including selecting materials, equipment, packaging, and their environmental impact. 


After sharing her candles with friends and family, Roseline recognized the business potential and teamed up with her sister to create a brand that embodied sophistication, elegance, and chicness.


Together they launched the Bien-Aime Collection in January 2021, featuring hand-poured candles made from 100% soy and free from toxins, paraben, and phthalate, using renewable sources in Miami.


Throughout the branding and marketing process, her twin sister Roselaine was instrumental in guiding Roseline, and her expertise in branding was invaluable. Sadly, their father passed away on August 16, 2021, and though he only saw the inception of the business, his memory continues to inspire them to keep creating and sharing their candles with the world..

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